Over the years, we've taken pride in becoming a leading Beverly Hills Fence Contractor by providing the highest level of iron fence work in the city. Our goal is to provide the highest quality iron work fences for all types of projects; we are a complete one-stop shop and considered by many one of the best iron fence companies in Beverly hills.

Our Metal works division is owned and managed by people who are on location to see to the smooth running of production. Our locally owned business has been around for over 20 years. Throughout major parts of the Beverly hills, we're sure to provide you with a large collection of high quality products and services related to metal fabrication, installation and metal work repairs. With our skilled and experienced technicians who are conversant with metal work projects of varying magnitudes and uses; whether for residential or industrial purposes.

Our company is extremely adept at providing fences, gates and plenty of other iron works that can be automatically controlled. We'll walk you through the construction and design process. We can also take it straight out of your architectural models and in the end our manually constructed gates will meet all of your much needed requirements.

Our many projects include parks, malls and shopping complexes, department stores, storage warehouses,  condominiums, schools and many others as well as iron fences in Beverly hills.

Our Services:


Our lineup of professional technicians will be there to provide you with compolete satisfaction for metal gate which we will provide for your needs; beauty and security.


Our team is also are extremely knowledgeable in developing custom-made fences for your home or business. The metal fences we make will completely be in line with the original design of your building. Our metal iron are sure to satisfy your demands.

Full Service Installation and Support

We aren't done with the job until we construct and fit in your iron or steel fence to your fullest satisfaction. We provide around the clock costumer support services to keep you in touch with the work from beginning to end.

Custom Ornamental Design and Manufacturing

The items we offer for sale range from basic gates, fencing and window guards to high-end security doors, staircase railings, custom burglary proofs and pretty much everything decorative made out of metals.

So, if you're searching for a quality Beverly Hills fence contractor, reach out to us and we'll provide you with an complete walkthrough of our products and services. Our jobs are completed exactly when we say they will be and we uphold to the highest standards of durable metal raw materials that will hold true even against the waves of time. Our work has the best aesthetic value that you'll want your family, friends and customers to see.

So don't hesitate to contact us as we build and install for you the best iron fences in Beverly hills.