Modification & Automation of the Existing Swing Gate:
1. Dismantling, modification and reinstallation of the existing swing gate, to be installed further up the driveway in between the existing garage wall and the adjacent properties block wall, swinging inwards to the left includes refurbishing of the gate and painting with one coat of oil base Dunn Edwards DET691 (spiced hot chocolate)
2. Approx. 45’ long of power line installed between the existing garage’s electrical outlet and the gate’s operator
3. One swing gate operator Liftmaster LA500 installed with the modified swing gate
4. One Liftmaster infrared photo sensor installed in front of the swing gate initiates a reverse and reopening command / hold open command to the gates operator
5. One commercial grade Multicode long range radio receiver
6. One Linear antenna extension kit
7. One Multicode wireless key pad installed on the outside of the swing gate
8. One Multicode wireless key pad installed on the inside of the swing gate
9. Two Multicode Visor clip type dual button remote controls
10. Two Multicode keychain size dual button remote controls

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