While manual gates are adequate in many situations, automated gates provide additional security and ease of access that makes them superior and even necessary in many situations.

Here are some of the outstanding benefits:

1. High Levels of Security

Automated wrought iron gates are extremely strong and help firmly in place as to be a major deterrent and obstacle to would-be intruders. They also serve to keep children and pets inside the yard and to keep stray animals and solicitors out with a beautiful first look to your home.

2. Quick, Easy Entry

Gate motors are powerful enough to open the gate in a matter of seconds, and not needing to exit and re-enter your car after manually locking/unlocking and opening/closing the gate is a huge convenience with just a click of a button

3. Safety Features

Infrared photo sensors prevent gates from closing when they encounter an obstruction like a car or a human hand. Back-up batteries ensure the gates will still be functional during a power outage, and a manual override allows you to unlock the gate should it malfunction

4. Long Durability

They will be constructed from wrought iron, steel, or wood infill to your custom design. They are also fairly low-maintenance, though like any “machine,” minimal amount of care will be necessary. You can expect your newly installed automated gate to fit perfectly, remain free of sags, and open/close smoothly for many years to come.

Iron and steel grids are frequently galvanized and powder-coated to increase the metal’s life span and give you a long-lasting finish. Powder coatings are generally more durable than simple paint, and seal-welded wrought iron is not going to break or deteriorate anytime soon

5. Increased Property Value

On large, private estates or at upscale city homes, an automated gate may be a major selling point and a boost to your real estate’s market value.

6. Attractiveness & Customization

Ornamental metal and beautiful wood paneling make many automated gates as much a work of art as a functional piece of equipment. Styles can be custom-designed to fit the needs of each person, and gates can integrate with or complement the surrounding buildings and landscaping.

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